Brindabella Farmstay

Brindabella Farm Stay

Brindabella farmstay was established in 2008 by its current owner, Anne Hallard.

When Anne purchased the property in 2007, she saw the potential to share what is without doubt, one of the most outstanding views in the Batlow district.

The idea of a ‘farmstay’ was always intended to allow guests to enjoy staying in a farm environment but without the responsibility of milking the cows, shearing the sheep or rounding up the chooks! Looking at cows grazing happily over the other side of the garden fence is about as close to hard work as it gets at Brindabella.

Indeed, the intention is for guests to enjoy the absolute tranquility of watching the mountains, admiring the birds and simply taking in the breathtaking luxury that the house affords.

Brindabella Farm Stay

Guests enjoy four true seasons at Brindabella.  The brilliant colours of Autumn relinquish to the wonderful crispness of winter. At times, Brindabella even receives a dusting of snow! Following the quietness of winter, spring bursts onto the scene allowing the spectacular garden to come to life with a range of tulips, jonquils and daffodils. Summer brings with it clear bright days followed by cool nights.